How to Engage with InterAction and ICVA: A Guide for NGO fora

Both InterAction and ICVA believe that independent NGO coordination in humanitarian contexts is instrumental to an effective response. Well-organized and resourced country-level coordination bodies—NGO fora1—contribute to the effective and principled delivery of humanitarian assistance and lead to improved outcomes for affected populations. They provide common and coordinated approaches through which NGOs can exchange information, share expertise, and establish common and complementary ways of working. Across many crises and contexts, NGO fora have ensured the efficient and principled delivery of aid, supported humanitarian trends analyses and risk forecasting, contributed to minimizing and mitigating operational risks, and advanced the collective NGO voice around issues of concern.

Together, InterAction and ICVA are committed to supporting these fora in the expansion of their capacity to undertake collective responsibilities. Specifically, we work to strengthen the global community of practice, provide organizational capacity development, support advocacy and promote the pivotal role fora play in the broader humanitarian community.


Publication year

  • 2019

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