Association of International Development Agencies

Model of Management: 
AIDA is a voluntary association of equal consortia organizations, governed by an Executive Committee (elected by members), with a Secretariat to execute the strategic and annual plans.
Board or Steering Committee: 
If Yes, what does the board or steering committee compose of?: 
Yes, a 9-member executive committee.
Working Groups or Committes: 
If Yes, what does the working group or committee compose of?: 
Yes, 4 subcommittees: Gaza, Advocacy, Administrative, and Gender.
Does it have sub-member group(s)?: 
If it is a sub-group of another body, which body?: 
The coordination body is hosted by…: 
The Norwegian Refugee Council, which is the budget holder, manages AIDA's security. The Secretariat functions like a cluster, with the NRC acting like a lead agency.
Formally registered with the government of?: 
AIDA is not formally registered.
Presence outside national or regional capital?: 
AIDA members are active throughout the country and there is a subcommittee in Gaza.
How are they funded? : 
SDC and ECHO fund AIDA budget lines in existing Norwegian Refugee Council grants, and members pay $250 for membership fees.
Year Established: 
1 970
Is there a Chair?: